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SINCRO generators are used in a variety of different agricultural applications providing reliable power in rugged operating environments.  

These applications include :

Whether it be prime power, standby or for the occasional use around your property, you can rely on SINCRO generators to provide power when you need it. European quality and manufacturing ensure you are using a top quality product made to last. 


Tractor Driven PTO units

Agrowatt PTO generators offer farmers a low cost solution providing access to standby or continuous power with a high quality power take off, a tractor driven alternator that is purpose built to back-up farm operations like dairy, during those inconvenient down times.

Ranging from 16 to 93kVA three phase; Agrowatt is designed to run from the back of a tractor and can couple to most brands.

Agrowatt is perfect for rural power applications and is ideal for farmers wanting to protect their investment during power outages, or where three phase is not available or too expensive to connect.

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Welder Generators

AC or DC Welders

Alternating and direct current rotating welders are perfect for all those maintenance projects around your property.
They can be used as either a single phase or three phase generator depending on which model is selected. This gives the added advantage of supplying power in addition to welding capability. This generator has great portability for remote work. 

This generator has in-built protection with an auto resettable thermal breaker which provides protection against overload. It can be supplied in different mechanical arrangements including SAE J609b taper shaft, single bearing or two bearing configuration to suit various engine types or drive systems.

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AC Generators

At SINCRO we can provide a wide range of generators to power your lateral or centre pivot irrigator. These can be supplied with AVR control, capacitor excitation systems or transformer control depending on your preferred type of excitation system.

The generators can be supplied in single or three phase output and can operate at either 50 or 60Hz depending on the type of Irrigator in use. The generators are rated for continual use in 40 degree ambient temperatures without any de rate. They are all European built providing long lasting quality.

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Pumping Gensets

AC Generators

Whether you want to incorporate a generator into your pump set using one engine, or to provide power for your water pump and auxiliary power from the generator to provide power to the drive motors, or you want to power a standard electric pump, SINCRO generators can provide the power.  

SINCRO generators have been used to operate submersible pumps, transfer and fire fighting pumps in many different areas. We can also supply our renown Agrowatt PTO units in pump configuration. 

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Portable Power

Two Pole Generators

Our SINCRO two pole portable range of alternators are all European made in our Italian factory to international standards. Our synchronous 2 and 4 pole self regulated portable alternators range from 1.6 to 16kVA in power output.

The alternators are all S1 duty rated for continuous operation and can fitted to most petrol or diesel engines. They can also be fitted with two bearing kits to provide a straight parallel shaft enabling them to be belt driven.

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