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When reliability matters



Power on land or sea  

Whether you are in a remote power critical area, a rugged environment, mobile construction, telecommumincations or mining, SINCRO has a proven track record of providing reliable power systems to suit any customers' needs. Analysing a client's needs and working with them to devise a solution is one of the many positive attributes of SINCRO. Whether your needs are for prime power, stand-by power or even for just the odd use now and then, at SINCRO we enjoy working with our customers to discover the ideal solution that helps them to be successful.

SINCRO generators are used in many different applications including :

  • Agricultural 
  • Critical protection
  • Marine 
  • Mining 
  • Oil and gas 
  • Construction
  • Green energy projects 
  • Wind and solar

Turning night into day.
Lighting technology is changing quickly in today's environment. Lighting plants are moving from traditional Metal Hallide Lamps to LED.
LED lighting is bringing new levels of operation and efficiency. SINCRO is leading the industry in providing DC generators for lighting tower industry.

LED Lighting Towers

DC Generators

SINCRO is a recognised leader in the supply of DC Generators for the LED lighting tower market. Generators are available in 24V or 48V DC, in various configurations, complete with digital AVR giving very close regulation and over current control limit.

Specialists in LED Lighting towers.
Extra low voltage (DC) OH&S risk elimination.
Lower fuel consumption for your genset.
Lower maintenance cost.
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