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Do's and Don'ts - Household Wiring


Connecting a portable electric generator directly to your household wiring can be deadly. A generator that is connected to your home's wiring can back feed into the power lines connected to your home. Utility transformers can then increase this lower electrical voltage to thousands of volts, which is more than enough to kill a utili..

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Six things you need to know before buying a generator


For more purchasing advice, please contact [email protected] or call 02 9450 0993...

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New Welders Catalogue Out Now


The new catalogue for SINCRO's welder/ generator range is now available. With more than 20 models available across the 4 series (SW - ARC - ED - EA), it is one of the most complete in the market. Developed as a key welding and power source for engine-driven welders in on-site applications, they are ideal for stick arc we..

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New Single Phase AgroWatt


SINCRO has just introduced a new product to the already extensive range of AgroWatt tractor-driven generators. The NEW 4-pole model uses brushless/AVR technology, IP23 or IP44 and the control panel is integrated with multi-function display and CEE sockets. The addition of the new single phase range further enhances the p..

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Join us on Social Media


Dear Customers, We are pleased to announce that SINCRO AUSTRALIA is now online. Please like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, pin our photos on Pinterest and connect with us on LinkedIn. We look forward to joining the online conversation within the industry and staying up to date with innovation and t..

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New Sincro SK400/450 Range


We are pleased to announce an enhancement to our range of brushless alternators with an improved and expanded range of SK400 and SK450 alternator models. These units are for industrial gen-sets from 800 to 1800kVA/50Hz and are also available in our high spec Marine alternator range. The SK range is engineered to supply electricity in ..

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Sincro New Look Welder


New Look Sincro Welder Range Many of you will be familiar our EA200AC 200 Amp welder generator. Following feedback from a number of our customers we are pleased to release an improved layout on the EA 200 panel. The EA200AC continues to provide a re..

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SW2 four-in-one


(http://www.sincro.com.au/shop/energy-special/special-projects/sw2-e220-mdc-generators) DC welder with Arc Force regulation for all kinds of electrodes (rutil, basic, cellulosique) and remote control connector AC generator with single & three-phase outputs ..

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Sincro are pleased to announce the release of a new universal AVR for the Sincro Range of AC generators. This AVR can be used in place of the BL4, BL4 and BL4 C. The BL4-U is a half-wave phase-controlled thyristor type Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), in addition to regulating the generator voltage, the AVR BL4-U circ..

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Product Authentication


Sincro Generators are known for their reliability, high quality and European manufacturing base. Using our many years of experience and the knowledge gained through operating in a range of diverse applications we offer our customers a resource base and support structure to assist in optimising their product design. Customers have come to e..

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