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DC Generators


DC Generators

Sincro DC Generators for Lighting Towers, Telecom, Battery Charging and Solar or Wind Hybrid systems.

Sincro’s range of alternators is enhanced with our series of direct current machines. 

These generators are suitable both as battery chargers, power plants in lighting towers and emergency power supplies or back up to solar/wind or hybrid systems. 

The DC generator can be optimized to deliver high currents at low voltages required in battery charging and operating DC loads, no additional battery chargers or power supplies are required. 

DC generators offer the following benefits :

  • They do not require a transfer switch in all applications. Transfer switches can lower system reliability. 
  • They lower the overall cost of the system. 
  • In switch mode power supplies AC generators with voltage regulators can experience compatibility issues due to the current pulsing load. The DC generator when connected to a battery is not affected by this issue. 
  • The DC generator is generally used with a smaller engine giving lower fuel and overall operation costs. Operators on site look for longer running hours using the smallest amount of fuel for the application. 
  • Using a DC generator in lieu of an AC unit with associated battery chargers or oversizing of the alternator helps to lower the costs to install and operate. As the gen set is smaller in size, transport costs to site and installation is reduced, a smaller enclosure and generator plinth can be used, fuel consumption is lower, so the cost to transport fuel to the site is lower. 

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