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Sincro are pleased to announce the release of a new universal AVR for
the Sincro Range of AC generators.

This AVR can be used in place of the BL4, BL4  and BL4 C. The BL4-U is a half-wave phase-controlled thyristor type Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), in addition to regulating the generator voltage, the AVR BL4-U circuitry includes under-speed protection features. Excitation power is derived directly from the generator terminals. Positive voltage build up from residual levels is ensured by the use of efficient semiconductors in the power circuitry of the BL4-U AVR.
The AVR AVR BL4-U is linked with the main stator windings and the exciter field windings to provide closed loop control of the output voltage.

In addition to being powered from the main stator, the AVR BL4-U also derives a sample voltage from the output windings for voltage control purposes. In response to this sample voltage, the BL4-U controls the power fed to the exciter field, and hence the main field, to maintain the machine output voltage within the specified limits, compensating for load, speed, temperature and power factor of the generator.  The BL4-U can also be fed via the generator auxiliary winding providing an independent power source for the AVR as well as short circuit capability in the generator for fault discrimination. Provision is made for the connection of a remote voltage potentiometer, allowing the user fine control of the generator's output.
The Sincro BL4-U AVR will over time supersede the BL4, BL4 B and BL4 C models reducing support inventory and making things easier for field service personnel. The BL4 U universal AVR can also be used on many other alternator makes and models.

For the BL4- B AVR with larger mounting dimensions, a conversion kit is available.

This conversion kit allows the BL4-U to be mounted using the same location points
as the BL4-B.

For more information on the conversion kit or
this new AVR please contact
[email protected]