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New Sincro SK400/450 Range

We are pleased to announce an enhancement to our range of brushless alternators with an improved and expanded range of SK400 and SK450 alternator models.

These units are for industrial gen-sets from 800 to 1800kVA/50Hz and are also available in our high spec Marine alternator range.

The SK range is engineered to supply electricity in all and on shore and off shore applications in which availability of reliable power is essential.  

The new range adds additional power nodes in this kVA output range and includes:
* IP23 for all series
* Performance improvements on both SK400 and SK450 models.
* Digital AVR standard on all models
* PMG standard on all models
* Voltage regulation ≤ +/- 0.5%
* > 300% Short Circuit capability
* Under speed protection standard
* Available in single and two bearing configuration
The SK400/450 improved output ratings are shown in the new brochure, available to download via this link :SK450/500 Generator Catalogue (New)