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New Look Sincro Welder Range



Many of you will be familiar our EA200AC 200 Amp welder generator. Following feedback from a number of our customers we are pleased to release an improved layout on the EA 200 panel.

The EA200AC continues to provide a reliable 200amp AC welder or the option of operating in generator mode with a 7kVA 240 Volt 50 Hz generator supply all in the compact and rugged package you have become familiar with.
The EA200 redesigned improves the look of the rear panel and incorporates push button circuit breakers for improved protection and the optional 12Vdc output terminals.
Sincro Welders are Italian designed and European built to provide outstanding welding capacity and performance, together with the most reliable 240 volt AC generator output available to suit all of your welding and power requirements on site.  

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 RCD operation on the EW Welder Range
If you are using an older EW Sincro welder or your customer has the earlier model EW welder built prior to 1990 and requires an RCD fitted please note the following.
When fitting an RCD to the earlier model EW AC generator range you must change the main Gen/Weld switch from the 5 gang to a 6 gang switch.
This requirement only applies to units with the 5 pole changeover switch and for fitting of an RCD. If  your EW was built after 1999 or the Gen/Weld switch has already been changed to a 6 pole then you will not need to change it.
Please see the following picture showing the 6 pole changeover switch
Six pole switch mounted in position

Prior to fitting an RCD on your EW welder, please ensure you contact Sincro Australia Pty Ltd for verification of the method.


If you have any questions or would like more information please contact our office at : [email protected]