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We have been a leading supplier of power generation equipment in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific region since 1992. 

Our organisation is built around providing quality products, sound technical advice and efficient after sales service. 

Through our many years of experience and the knowledge gained through operating in a range of diverse applications, we can offer our customers a resource base and support structure which assists in optimising product design. 

Our product range is one of the most extensive with AC generators from 1.2 to 3100kVA, DC generators, permanent magnet generators, wind and hydro, agricultural product and specialised products including IP55, MV and high speed PMG units.

SINCRO AUSTRALIA has a wide range of products including the following well recognised brands:
  • SINCRO - Synchronous alternators and rotating welders.
  • AGROWATT - P.T.O. generators and pumps.
  • SOGAENERGIES - Generators for wind turbines, water turbines and for energy special projects.
  • CONTROL SYSTEMSControllers for automatic and manual control of generators and fire pump systems.    
Green Power

At SINCRO we supply:
  • Synchronous alternators in single and three phase from 1.2 to 3100 kVA.
  • Medium voltage alternators in 3300 and 6600 volt from 900 to 2300 kVA. 
  • AC and DC welder / generators from 130 to 400 amps.
  • Specialist IP44 air to air cooling alternators from 800 to 2000 kVA for hazardous environments. 
  • Specialist alternators for high capacity wind turbines.
  • Special projects include totally enclosed IP55 alternators and Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG) for green alternative energy projects. 
- These machines are available in a range of voltages and frequencies to suit your needs.

Sales Team

By listening to our customers' needs and challenges and teaming it with our thorough understanding of market trends, a new challenge, project, solution or opportunity originates. We like to think of this relationship as a two way street. Our sales team has over 40 years combined experience and are always here to help you with product information, order support and to listen to your project ideas.

Our Values

Listening Continuous innovation
Trust Reliable power



SINCRO products are manufactured at our large and modern factory in northern Italy. With twenty three thousand square meters of factory space, SINCRO combines a variety of modern manufacturing techniques. Many of these have been developed by our own engineers to give you quality products guaranteeing reliability. 
All stages of manufacturing, from die-casting of lightweight aluminium bodies to winding of stators and rotors and final assembly, are performed by our production staff enabling us to maintain stringent quality control.

Technical department

We have a close liaison with our factory's technical department which means no problem can't be solved. SINCRO’s technical department is continually re-evaluating current products and identifying ways to evolve them and keep our products at the forefront of the power generation industry.  
Evolution and identification of new products is of paramount importance so that SINCRO maintains its position as industry leaders.