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When reliability matters




Standby and Critical Power

Choose SINCRO for your construction projects for reliable power on hand, when you need it.

  • Mobile rental gensets
  • Lighting towers - AC or DC
  • Critical standby power for hospitals/data centres/residential & commercial properties
  • Telecommunications
  • Portable petrol driven units for onsite power
  • Hydraulically driven AC and DC generators

SINCRO's industrial range offers cost effective solutions for all your construction and rental applications. With high efficiency reducing fuel consumption and a generally smaller footprint to that of the alternator, these help to minimise both your overall size and operating costs. Choose SINCRO reliable power for emergency protection of critical standby applications such as data centres, banking institutions and residual and commercial properties.

SINCRO energy is ideal for mobile construction projects in need of reliable power.


Our DC range of generators offers cost effective Telecom options reducing fuel consumption and providing backup, not only to utility supply, but for the main rectifier assembly. They can offer solutions that reduce sized units saving costs over the long term operation.