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HB2 LAR-22 kVA

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HB2 LAR-22 kVA
HB2 LAR-22 kVAHB2 LAR-22 kVAHB2 LAR-22 kVAHB2 LAR-22 kVA

HB2 LAR-22 kVA

  • 22 kVA three-phase brushless alternator
  • Self-regulated Electronic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Reconnectable to single phase                             
  • Protection: IP 23
  • Standard voltage: 415/240 V - 50 Hz
  • Short circuit current greater than 3 In                
  • Transient voltage drop for rated step load at 0,8 power factor is less than 18%
  • Shape: SAE (single bearing), B3/B14 (two bearing)