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JLG Industries Australia is the supplier of choice for elevating work platforms, telescopic material handlers and mobile lighting towers. JLG manufactures the mobile lighting tower at our facility located in Port Macquarie NSW for various markets across Australia including hire and rental and mining applications. We pride ourselves on providing robust dependable designs with a high degree of reliability as demanded by our customers.  The company has been a supplier of this type of equipment in Australia for over 30 years.

JLG chooses to use the Sincro brand of AC alternator in our light tower product based on a proven reliable design and excellent field performance of the machine. However buying a product is just one aspect that we take into consideration when choosing products to meet our needs and the needs of our customers. Equally important is after sales service and support together with the ability to work with our supplier on design and application. Sincro provides total support on its range of products which in turn provides JLG the level of comfort we need to be confident going forward in the sale of our products to meet the demands of the Australian market.

Gwyn Richardson - Branch Manager 

Light Tower Manufacturing - JLG Industries Australia.


Sincro Australia has established, developed and serviced the market in Australia for the last 20 years. This has been achieved by a commitment to the market and providing excellent customer and technical support -backed by rigorous R&D initiatives. The result is Sincro is a leader in its field. This year with the support of the Soga Energy Group in Italy - Sincro increased its distribution reach into SE Asia with the establishment of its office in Singapore. The future looks very bright for this company that displays great Aussie entrepreneurial ingenuity. 

Anthony Moss | CEO


Bemobile Solomon Islands is the second provider of mobile services in the Solomon Islands. It had established a total of 52 BTS sites throughout the country. These sites use the TELGEN 4890 DC Sincro generator as the main power source to provide battery re-charge for each sites battery bank. 

Locations for these BTS sites vary in terms of the environment, some are situated within small urban towns so are reachable by vehicle. Some are located on smaller islands. Some are situated on coastal areas where the BTS is approximately 50 metres inland from the shore line. Some sites are as high as 300m above sea level on a mountain top for example. Most of these sites are in rural Solomon Islands. Where there is a TELGEN 4890 Sincro DC generator on site, it is the only power source feeding 48V dc power into a battery bank. The generator is solely used for battery re-charge purposes. So for a given 24 hour period the generator could be switched on and off from twice a day to even 4 times within the 24 hour period, depending on the number of batteries installed in the site battery bank. 

The Telgen Sincro dc generators deployed in the Bemobile SI Ltd network are very reliable and consistent in its operations. To date we have not had any reports of burnt out winding failures or dc alternator burn-out. These generators have been working faithfully with minimal attendance. Each site has one generator working in a hybrid power solution. With this arrangement a solar array can be connected to supplement the battery re-charge process. Our opex savings is realised in the fact that the opex cost for dc generators is approximately half the cost of ac generator opex costs through the hybrid working arrangement.


 Harry Zoleveke
 Technical Director 
 Solomon Islands